Discover the world of pure white and blue
and enjoy our high-end service

Luxury is not only about comfort and extraordinary service,
it is about unique experiences too.
You are invited on board with our remarkable SLS YACHTING EXPERIENCE for a journey that will take your perspective of life to a whole other level!

Luxury is about the freedom to discover.

Travel to Antarctica onboard with SLS YACHTING EXPERIENCE
7th of February – 21st of February 2019


Few yachts can match the
experience that our Yacht has to offer.

Fleet in offer are all a class 1 icebreaker and are completely transformed into a boutique world explorers. Capable of hosting 26 guests in total luxury with an eye for safety and strength.

On board, our yacht offers everything you can wish for. From a Balinese spa, a giant heated outdoor jacuzzi, a gym with panoramic view, a piano salon with a great view and a cinema for cosy evenings after long days in the cold. The Yacht comes with a commercially certified Helicopter-deck that stretches the boundaries of conventional expeditions.

Also onboard is a three person-submarine, capable of diving to depths of up to 300 meters, to see undiscovered parts of the world, as well as paddle boards, jet-skis and snow scooters.


When visiting an extra-ordinary continent
such as Antarctica, the expert knowledge of
expedition leaders is of utmost importance in
helping you understand this unique environment

These skillful guides will not only tell all you want to know but will also keep you safe and entertained. Make the most of the time you’ll spend with them, their knowledge is incredible and they always have interesting facts to share with you!
Finding your way through the ice may not be as easy as it can seem! For sure being a class 1 ice-breaker is very beneficial but in order to navigate properly in these icy regions, our Yacht has an Ice Pilot onboard. Highly skilled Master Mariners hired especially for navigating Antarctica’s clear, crisp icy waters.

Taking this breathtaking experience into the account, there is much more to see with SLS yachting

There is no better way to choose your way,
as your instinct tells you what to choose!

Amaze yourself inside the sensational


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